Gonçalo Moniz Research Center-CPqGM

Gonçalo Moniz Research Center

Gonçalo Moniz Research Center (CPqGM), founded in 1950, is a technical-scientific unit of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation – FIOCRUZ, which is part of the Ministry of Health. CPqGM is located in Salvador,  Bahia, state of Northeastern Brazil. Currently, CPqGM has developed several initiatives in the biomedical and epidemiological research, education, health reference services, health information and human resources’ training for the National Helath Secretary.

CPqGM is internationally recognized by the study of infectious and parasitic diseases such as Chagas disease; schistosomiasis; cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis; HIV/HTLV retroviruses; HCV; leprosy; human tuberculosis; diarrhea; respiratory viruses; bacterial meningitis; leptospirosis; hepatitis; sickle cell anemia and, more recently, studies of chronic degenerative diseases and stem cells.


Promoting the quality of life through the generation and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in the state of Bahia and Brazil.


Be recognized locally, regionally, nationally and internationally as an Institute of excellence for the production of science, technological development and training of human resources in health.

Research Field
Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Immunology, Experimental Medicine, Microbiology, Parasitology, Pathology, Virology. 


CPqGM has 11 labs, 01 biostatistical and epidemiological unit, 01 Biosafety Laboratory Level III (NB3), 01aniamla facility, 01 Library, 07 Multiuser Technology Platforms – Flow Cytometry, Mass Spectrometry, DNA sequencing, Electron microscopy, Histopahtology, PCR and Bioinformatics.



LACEI– Laboratory of Experimental Chagas

LAPEX– Laboratory of Experimental Pathology

LASP– Advanced Laboratory of Public Health

LBPLaboratory of Parasite Biology

LEMBLaboratory of Molecular Epidemiology and Biostatistics

LETILaboratory for Tissue Engineering and Immunopharmacology

LIMIIntegrated Laboratory of Microbiology and immunoregulation

LIP– Laboratory of Immunoparasitology

LPBI– Laboratory of Pathology and Cellular Biology

LPBM– Laboratory of Pathology and Molecular Biology

LHGB – Laboratory of Hematology, Computational Biology & Genetics

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