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To encourage LAC Research Collaboration, please see what others are working on or where others are interested in the region and make contact:

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Name Institution Title Countries Interests Email
Alexander, Neal CIDEIM in Colombia; LSHTM Reader Any Vector-borne and Parasitic Diseases
Bello, Ricardo LSHTM Student Venezuela Violence; Health Systems
Berridge, Virginia LSHTM Brazil History of Public Health
Boccia, Delia LSHTM Lecturer Brazil Social Determinants of TB; TB Interventions
Browne, Jorge LSHTM Student Chile; Any Pallative Care; Cardiovascular Diseases; Health Inequalities
Casas, Juan Pablo LSHTM Professor Colombia; Argentina; Peru; Mexico; Brazil; Chile Genetics of CV disease; Implementation of effective CV Interventions
Carvalho, Taiana Silva LSHTM Student Brazil Child and Maternal Health; Infectious disease​
Castro, Hector Health Technology Assessment Institute of Colombia CEO Colombia; Peru; Ecuador; Brazil; Any Health Techology Assessment-HTA; Clinical Practice Guidelines-CPG; Translational Research; Healthcare Decision Making
Coleman, Michel LSHTM Professor Argentina; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Cuba; Ecuador; Puerto Rico; Uruguay CONCORD study
Fiamanya, Selali LSHTM Student Any Infectious Disease
Flores Urrutia, Monica LSHTM Student Mexico; Any Maternal Health; Child Health; Water, Hygiene, Sanitation: Health Policy; Nutrition in Emergencies
Garcia-Peña, Carmen Mexican Institute of Social Security; LSHTM PhD ’01 Head Research Unit on Aging Mexico; Any Aging
Grenfell, Pippa LSHTM Research Fellow Peru; Any Sexual Health; Sex Work; Sexual and Gender Identity
Guerra, Luis LSHTM Student Peru; Uruguay; Andean countries Sexual Health; HIV Prevention; Gender Equality
Kanter, Rebecca LSHTM Visiting Research Fellow Guatemala; Chile; Any Nutrition Transition; NCDs; Obesity; Agri-health
Keenan, Katy LSE Brazil Women’s health, fertility and demography, ageing, and alcohol use
Lembcke, Eneresto LSHTM Student Peru; Ecuador; Bolivia; Brazil Reproductive Health; Maternal Health; South-to-South Cooperation in Public Health
Lugo Palacios, David LSHTM Student Mexico; Any Health Systems; Health Services; Quality of care; Health Microeconometrics
Makleff, Shelly LSHTM; IPPF/WHR Student Any; Mexico; Colombia; Bolivia Sexual and reproductive health evaluation
Mills, Emily LSHTM MSc ’12 Alumni Guatemala; Any Infectious Disease
Naber, Jonathan LSHTM Student Guatemala; Honduras; El Salvador; Nicaragua; Panama; Colombia; Ecuador Community-based rehabilitation
Nery, Joilda LSHTM Student Brazil; Mexico; Peru; Bolivia TB; leprosy; conditional cash transfer programmes
Nitsch, Dorothea LSHTM Senior Lecturer Any Kidney Disease
Perel, Pablo LSHTM Senior Lecturer Any Clinical Trials; Systematic Reviews; Prognostic Research
Prieto, David LSHTM Lecturer Any Bayesian methods; Pharmacoepidemiology
Ranzani, Otavio LSHTM Student Brazil; Peru Respiratory diseases
Rocha Ferreira, Eridan UCL IfWH Research Associate Brazil; Any Neuroprotection agents in term infants following hypoxia-ischaemia
Sa, Thiago LSHTM Student Brazil; Any Transport and health; Physical activity; Health inequalities;
Sanchez, Nuria Pediatrician Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Sanderson, Colin LSHTM Semi-retired Professor Decision support around children’s vaccines
Soremekun, Seyi LSHTM Lecturer Brazil; Any Epidemiology and control of sandflies and visceral leishmanisis
Stephens, Carolyn Universidad Nacional de Tucumán Professor Argentina; Any Child Health; Environment; Globalisation; Health Inequalities; Social and Structural Determinants of Health
Torondel, Belen LSHTM Lecturer Venezuela; Any Water, Hygiene, Sanitation; Menstural Hygiene
Vieceli, Tarsila LSHTM Student Brazil TB; pneumonia
Willis, Ruth LSHTM Student Peru Child Health, Health Services

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