2014 Brazil Day Presentations

Speaker Institution Presentation
Aquino, Rosana UFBa Evaluating the impact of primary health care
Azevedo e Silva, Gulnar IMS CONCORD Study
Azevedo e Silva, Gulnar IMS Screening and early detection of breast cancer
Barreto, Mauricio UFba/FIOCRUZ; LSHTM Honorary Professor The Cadastro unico linked cohort
Barreto, Mauricio UFba/FIOCRUZ; LSHTM Honorary Professor Universidade Federal da Bahia UFBA
Barreto, Mauricio UFba/FIOCRUZ; LSHTM Honorary Professor Monitoring and evaluating progress towards universal health coverage in Brazil
Borde, Elis FIOCRUZ-RIO Social Determinants of Health Centre
Brodskyn, Claudia CPqGM FIOCRUZ Salvador CPqGM FIOCRUZ Salvador
Brodskyn, Claudia CPqGM FIOCRUZ Salvador Role of CD8T cells in pathogenesis of localized cutaneous leishmaniasis
DeSilva, Mary LSHTM LSHTM Centre Global Mental health
de Souza, Wayner Fiocruz Recife Fiocruz Recife
DeStavola, Bianca LSHTM LSHTM Centre for Statistical Methodology
Drakeley, Chris LSHTM LSHTM Malaria Centre
Kelly, John LSHTM Chagas disease
Kuper, Hannah LSHTM LSHTM International Centre for Evidence in Disability
Lima, Tania SWB UK Science Without Borders
Medina, Guadalupe Ufba The construction of a primary health care system
Miranda, Democrito UPE Universidade de Pernambuco UPE
Moore, David LSHTM LSHTM TB Centre
Pearce, Neil LSHTM LSHTM Centre for global NCDS
Reichenheim, Michael IMS Instituto de Medicina Social IMS
Reichenheim, Michael IMS Family Violence Epidemiology Research Programme
Riley, Eleanor LSHTM LSHTM Vaccine Centre
Rodrigues, Laura LSHTM 2014BrazilDay_LSHTM Collaboration Overview
Sabino, Ester Instituto de Medicina Tropical Chagas disease natural history: new insights
Satori, Ana Marli USP Economic evaluations of introducing new vacccines
Segurado, Aluisio USP Universidade de Sao Paulo
Segurado, Aluisio USP Current challenges in HIV care from a Brazilian cohort perspective
Shafferman Levin, Ana Sara USP Healthcare-acquired infections and antimicrobial resistance
Smeeth, Liam LSHTM E- health and the Farr Institute
Webster, Jayne LSHTM LSHTM Centre for Evaluation
Ximenes, Ricardo UFPE Universidade Federal de Pernambuco UFPE

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